About Us

PART is a platform in which scientists, road transport equipment manufacturers and shippers and carriers work together. It is PART’s ambition to achieve a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the road transport sector by 2020.


PART brings various parties together to match the supply of scientific knowledge to the demand for more fuel-efficient and cleaner vehicles by the lorry and trailer market as well as by shippers and carriers. In doing so, PART focused primarily on aerodynamic measures for road transport vehicles.


PART facilitates the use of aerodynamics in the trailer market by integrating existing techniques and initiating demonstration projects. In the second stage, new technologies will be developed in the lab that will then be integrated in the practical setting.


PART has set a goal of a 20% reduction in fuel consumption by 2020.


A shared characteristic of each partner is that he/she has an active role in the development and implementation of the PART initiatives. The founders of PART are TU Delft, TNT and FOCWA. Other participating PARTners are Ephicas, SCANIA, Syntens, NEA, Squarell Technology, Emons and Van Eck. PART always welcomes new participants.


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